Tuesday, 13 December 2011

iGO4 & Markerstudy - partnership, direct or aggregator Play?

iGO4 has announced its first "partnership" with Markerstudy, under the Zenith Insurance and Zenith Insurance Plus brands.

Markerstudy has, to date, relied heavily on broker distribution and this development enables the organisation to launch a direct capability, offered primarily through the aggregators, where iGO4 has rapidly built a strong position.

The development of "direct" brands by previously broker-focused insurers is by no means a new phenomenon and nor is the use of aggregators for this purpose.

What does look more interesting is whether this forms a partnership, direct or aggregator play and Markerstudy's reliance on a third party organisation, which will utilise its real-time pricing capability and aggregator relationships, whilst sitting outside of the insurer.